Contrary to the popular opinion of some, liposuction isn’t about weight loss as much as it is about body contouring. In addition to conventional surgical liposuction, Dr. Robert Poe of Brunswick ENT in Southport, North Carolina, now offers SmartLipo® Triplex® body sculpting to reduce the appearance of cellulite and remove fat in stubborn areas. Also known as laser liposuction, SmartLipo is a highly effective, non-invasive treatment designed to smooth and sculpt the body.’’

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SmartLipo® Triplex® body sculpting to reduce the appearance of cellulite and remove fat in stubborn areas.Also known as laser liposuction, SmartLipo is a highly effective, non-invasive treatment designed to smooth and sculpt the body.’’.

Liposuction targets fat in specific areas of the body for removal. Conventional surgical liposuction can treat areas such as the abdomen, arms, buttocks, hips, neck, and thighs. Occasionally, liposuction may be part of breast reduction surgery. Surgical liposuction – also called lipoplasty – is best suited to patients with a stable body weight, but with too much fat in specific areas, affecting their body contours.

As weight is gained, fat cells grow in volume and size. Liposuction reduces the total number of fat cells in the treatment area, creating a permanent loss of weight and improvement in body contour, provided the patient’s body weight remains stable. The success of the procedure relies partly on the condition of the patient’s skin. Those with good skin tone will generally see smoother results than those whose skin has poor elasticity. As with any surgery, liposuction carries risks and potential complications. There are new technologies that provide non-surgical options that address body contouring, such as Smartlipo Triplex.

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Is Smartlipo Triplex safe?

Smartlipo Triplex is considered safe for most individuals. The laser energy used during treatment is carefully controlled and doesn’t cause any serious discomfort. This method of fat reduction is also associated with fewer risks than traditional liposuction surgery, which can cause bleeding, infections, and other types of complications. Smartlipo Triplex has less downtime than liposuction, and it causes minimal scarring.

Which patients can have Smartlipo Triplex?

Patients who have cellulite in certain parts of the body that doesn’t go away with diet and exercise are generally considered good candidates for Smartlipo Triplex. Those who have this type of fat reduction procedure done should keep in mind that it’s not intended for reducing large areas of fat associated with obesity. Patients can discuss their concerns about cellulite with Dr. Poe and find out whether or not they’re suitable candidates for Smartlipo Triplex. To get more information on cellulite reduction, please call or schedule an appointment online at Brunswick ENT.

SmartLipo is a specialized laser that literally melts fat before it is removed with gentle liposuction. Treatment generally takes less than two hours for each area, has low discomfort, and minimal downtime. If you feel frustrated by areas of fat around your thighs, waist, hips, arms, neck, and abdomen that just will not go away with dieting and exercise, then you may want to consider SmartLipo.

SmartLipo is laser-assisted liposuction that is performed in our Southport office under local anesthesia and does not require any general anesthesia. A small laser fiber is inserted into the treatment area through a controlled puncture site. The small laser fiber makes contact with the fat tissue which is heated and melted into a liquid. The laser energy ruptures the fat cell membranes and permanently destroys the fat cells of the targeted area. After the fat is melted and liquefied, it is gently suctioned with small, specialized suction cannulas. The laser produces energy under the skin, which not only melts fat, but also coagulates blood vessels and stimulates collagen production.

This stimulation of collagen production tightens skin and improves elasticity by up to 57%. The skin re-drapes and adheres to the new tissue bed producing a sculpted, tightened, and firm look. The procedure requires less downtime, involves much less pain and bruising than traditional liposuction, and does not have to be performed in the operating room. For most patients, results can be achieved in only one treatment with visible differences surfacing within one week and maximum improvement over 3 to 6 months. Treatment plans are customized to fit your schedule and lifestyle.

After the procedure there may be some bruising and swelling to the treated areas, but this is only temporary and will resolve with time. Compression garments are worn for a few weeks after the procedure to decrease swelling and help expedite the healing process. These garments also help support the treated areas and give you a greater sense of comfort while you heal. You can usually return to your normal activity and lifestyle within a few days after the procedure. Typical candidates for SmartLipo are healthy men and women from age 18 and older who want to look and feel their best with permanent results from a safe and proven procedure in a comfortable friendly office environment without general anesthesia.

This is not a weight loss program, but rather a means to remove localized fat deposits using a sculpting technique to improve body contour. The skin tightening results are achieved with laser energy directed to the undersurface of the skin, which sets this technique apart from traditional liposuction.

If you are ready to reshape your body and get back into those favorite clothes that you have been hanging onto, schedule a consultation and find out more about the new SmartLipo.

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